How Home Dog Training Works

The best way to get results in training your dog is to set up a training situation where learning is quick, easy, and rewarding to your dog. Like us, if learning comes easy, and success brings us a lot of praise, we look forward to learning more. Most training courses are designed to set the dog up to make mistakes and get corrections. We put the dog in the situation of always being successful and getting a lot of praise. This training method, coupled with your dog’s desire to please and be an accepted member of a human family, is always successful. The training quickly gets your dog wanting to do things for you instead of having to do things for you. If your dog is doing things for you because he wants to, he will quickly stop doing things (bad habits) for the same reason.

FOR DOGS OF ALL AGES (6 weeks – 15 years)

You will learn how your dog thinks and reasons. You will participate in teaching your dog to calmly walk with you, sit, stay, lie down, and come when called. All your dog’s bad habits will be stopped and no new bad habits will be formed.


We have been doing private training at your clients’ homes for over 40 years. We have trained thousands of dogs with the same behavioral problems as you have experienced with your dog. After the first week of training, our clients are telling us they cannot believe how calm their dog has become, how easy the training is, how much their dog looks forward to his lessons each day, and how sorry they are they are that they did not start the training sooner.

The lessons are given at the rate of one every seven to fourteen days. At each lesson we explain what we are going to be doing, why we are doing what we are doing, and how your dog looks at the lesson. First you watch us do an exercise with your dog and then we watch you do the exercise with your dog. Once you and your dog have comprehended the lesson we review the training plan. Before leaving we give you written lesson sheets of everything that was said and done and instructions to work with your dog on his lesson for about 20 to 30 minutes each day.


We guarantee each dog training lesson. There are no contracts to sign and no advance payments. You are not required to take all four lessons. You can discontinue the training at any time. You pay for each lesson when you receive it. If you are not satisfied with the lesson, we don't expect you to pay for it.


Will not listen
Playfully bites
Failed obedience training
Messes in the house
Digs in the yard
Fear biter
Will not come when called
Takes food off table
Jumps on people
Destructive in house
Car chasing
Climbs on furniture
Barks too much
Old dog - new baby
Annoys company
Runs out Doors
Swimming pool problems
Bothers you when you eat
Pulls on the leash
Runs out gates
Overly excitable
Misbehaves in car
Nervous urinator
Gets Car sick

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