Own a Home Dog Training Franchise

Changing times have us all looking for a better way! Self-employment, working out of your home, working your own schedule, working easier and smarter. Working to live a lifestyle, that allows time to relax, vacation and enjoy what we all work for, some fun in life!


HOME DOG TRAINING is one of the oldest dog training companies in the United States.  HOME DOG TRAINING Specialized in stopping canine bad habits.

HOME DOG TRAINING Dealerships are trained in Arlington, Texas and the training program takes from seven (7) to fourteen (14) days to complete and they are trained in the AMERICAN METHOD OF DOG TRAINING.  This method is the quickest, easiest, gentlest, and most successful method of dog training in practice today.  HOME DOG TRAINERS     have successfully trained over 30,000 people and their pets.  Our training methods are so successful, that HOME DOG TRAINERS are able to guarantee their training, HOME DOG TRAINERS enjoy being self-employed, working out of their home, establishing a schedule they control!

THE ORIGINAL HOME DOG TRAINING, and the American Method of Dog Training were developed by Jay Rapp in 1962. Jay devised a program that has cut training times by 50%, utilizing this method teaches canines for serious work.  This method of training has been used to train dogs for Police work, search and rescue, drug detection, bomb detection, guide dogs for the disabled, and the most important, the family dog.

HOME DOG TRAINERS offer a service no other dog trainer can provide.  A four lesson program, at the clients home, teaching all the basic commands and specializing in stopping bad habits, without the use of any type of force.  The behavior changes in pets are seen immediately by the owners and the satisfaction is very rewarding.  HOME DOG TRAINERS enjoy being their own boss, working full-time or part-time.  Working out of their homes, with little or no overhead, earning $75.00 to $150.00 per lesson!  HOME DOG TRAINERS are quickly respected as the area experts on solving canine bad habits!

HOME DOG TRAINING is a family business.  Kenny Rapp, Jay's son, now handles the dealership licensing and training.  Kenny has operated his own HOME DOG TRAINING dealership and now resides in Arlington, Texas and is operating HOME DOG TRAINING of Fort Worth.

HOME DOG TRAINING dealerships cost $15,000.00.  This covers the cost of training, hotel room and most of the materials needed to start your first month of business.  Yearly renewal of $499.00 is the only additional cost associated with the dealership.  This annual payment provides dealerships with updated copyrighted materials, use of trademarks, free website area under the HOME DOG TRAINING web address, associated information, and a protected area of operation.

For your free, dealership opportunity booklet with full information on THE ORIGINAL HOME DOG TRAINING, call (817) 860-9011 or send to P.O. Box 173205, Arlington, Texas 76003