History of Home Dog Training
The greatest achievement of Jay Rapp and his Home Dog Trainers is the successful training of the typical family pet. Over 30,000 people now have happy, well-mannered pets that are a joy, rather than a burden, to have around the house. Pets that were once thought to be hopelessly untrainable, pets that were "too young" or "to old" to be trained, pets that were "drop outs" from other training methods, and even pets that faced being put to sleep, have all been successfully trained by Home Dog Trainers and are living a useful and happy life with their loving families.

Jay Rapp Started Home Dog Training in 1962. His gentle methods of training have been used to train family dogs, police dogs, narcotics dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, and even a dog to track the Abominable Snowman. He has been a civilian advisor to many of the military dog programs and has authored seven books on dog training.

Jay Rapp has lectured on pet behavior at veterinary medical schools, veterinary association meetings, and for many non-profit organizations. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including two visits with Larry King. In 1995 Mr. Rapp was inducted into The Texas Panhandle Broadcasters Hall of Fame and hosted PETTALK®, a syndicated call-in, question and answer show on radio.

Jay Rapp died on January 12, 1997 of cancer. Home Dog Training methods and dealerships continue unsurpassed success to pet lovers throughout the country. This second-generation company continues his gentle training philosophy, ensuring that his training methods and ideals will never die.